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Full Body Portraits


We offer several sizes corresponding to the height of the figurine. Pricing is based on the the number of people in the portrait and the size you select:

3" 5" 7" 9"
1 $ 79 $129 $199 $349
2 $119 $199 $299 $499
3 $159 $249 $399 $649
4 $199 $299 $499 $799
each additional person $40 $50 $100 $150



* Dogs are people.

Children less than 1 year old (with an adult) are $40, regardless of size.

Pricing for 12" and 14" sizes are available on request.


It's free to do a preview 3D-scan (if we have availability). We'll share a non-downloadable digital 3D preview with you.

Want to do something weird and wonderful with your digital scan? Or just want to use your own 3D-printer? No problem! You can download a scan in .OBJ or .STL format. You can also purchase the services of our 3D-editors, who'll expertly clean-up and tenderly de-noise your 3D portrait:

  • unedited 3D-scan: $49
  • edited 3D-scan: $49 + $20 per person
  • edited 3D-scan after you buy a 3D-printed figurine: $49 flat