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We're bringing the finest 3D portrait technology to the world ... but we need your help!


Retail Sales & 3D Photo Booth Operator


San Francisco, Marin, Berkeley

You'll work in our retail studio. You'll educate our customers about the 3D portrait concept and take their 3D photo.

We're a startup, so you'll wear a few hats.

  • Retail Sales

You'll help customers understand the 3D portrait process. You're friendly, energetic, and an excellent communicator (bonus points for foreign languages).

You love meeting new people and want to make sure that everyone leaves our store with a smile (whether or not they make a purchase).

Prior retail experience is a bonus.

  • Booth Operation

You'll operate our 3D photo booth. You'll help our customers find the right pose in which to be immortalized.

You don't need experience with 3D scanning, but you should feel comfortable around computers and cameras.

  • Retail Design

As an early employee, you'll use your creative energy help us refine the retail process, ensuring that each customer's experience is filled with wonderment and delight. You might help design store layouts or create signage.


To apply, send a cover letter and resume (pdf) to (subject line: "retail job").


Director of Marketing

Berkeley and San Francisco

You already have a dozen or so ideas to market finely crafted 3D portraiture to the world.

Initially, you'll be a marketing department unto yourself. From concept to content to distribution, you'll implement targeted campaigns across a variety of media (print, video, social, local business partnerships, skywriting (?!), etc). You'll have a lot of autonomy and can work independently, while making a few weekly meetings in San Francisco or Berkeley.

The initial role will be a consulting engagement for a 1 month trial period. Prior marketing experience is required. Bonus points for DIY skills: graphic design, videography, etc.


To apply, send a cover letter and resume (pdf) to (subject line: "marketing job").