Have your next corporate event at PocketMe

Remember: your employees are more than just cogs in a corporate machine. They're cogs in your corporate family! How better to show them that you value them as individuals than with a personalized 3D portrait?

Bring your crew to PocketMe for an event to remember.

  • We'll close off our beautiful, spacious 3D portrait studio for your private event of up to 60 people*.
  • We'll provide 3D scans for everyone while you enjoy views of the historic harbor at Fisherman's Wharf and munch on fancy cheese.
  • We'll let your order 3D printed figurines afterwards at a discount.
  • Optionally, we'll include your logo on the base of the figurines.

Personalized business card holders are sure to charm your clients and strengthen your team's bond. Still need the CFO to sign off? Just remember: the synergies of increased sales and boosted productivity are sure to yield a tremendous ROI .... plus cheese!

* More than 60 people? We can accommodate your team in batches -- e.g. if you combine the event with dinner at a nearby restaurant.

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... or we'll come to you

Have 3D scanner; will travel.

Add an extra dimension to your wedding, ba(r/t)mitzvah, or corporate event.

  • We'll set up and operate our 3D scanner on site.
  • Delight your guests with a truly unique party favor to remember the event for years to come.

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